Fishing for Lythe

Fishing for Lythe

Short Trips

There is good fishing and plenty to see as soon as you leave Stornoway harbour. In the space of an hour you can see seals and catch Mackerel. At the right time of year you can visit a sea-bird colony and explore the rugged coastline near Stornoway. A great short run for families with young children who don’t want to go too far from land.

2 hour sightseeing trip

Travel down the East coast of Lewis to Marvig and the Witches Pool. Stunning scenery and the chance to see both Golden and White tailed eagles. On a calm day there is a good likelihood of seeing porpoise or dolphin, and of course the opportunity to catch some fish. We are quite happy that you keep what you catch, and can show you how to prepare your fish for cooking.10386295_381568205330115_7839836155973840448_n

Shiants Trip

At the right time of year the Shiants are buzzing with wildlife. Puffins arrive in May to nest and have chicks, along with a host of other species of sea-bird. They will stay on the Shiants until roughly the end of July by which time the chicks will have fledged and will be ready to head back to sea. This is also a good time to see both the Golden and White-tailed eagles that have been nesting on the islands lately. There is the chance to go ashore for a while if you wish, and also fantastic fishing and photography opportunities. Read more about the Shiants on Wikipedia.10615633_381568268663442_1247014847454595485_n

Bespoke Trip

If there is something you particularly want to do or a place you always fancied seeing we can tailor the trip to suit you.


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